B612 Camera Vs Candy Camera

There are tons of camera apps you could have for your Android smartphones to take with you everywhere you go. Among these many there are two outstanding camera apps that most of the selfie lovers love. They are Candy Camera and B612. But what is the best among these two? Let’s take a closer look.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera is one of the best selfie cameras for you. It embraces a wide array of natural and beautiful filters to enhance your natural looks. As well as it allows you to fine tune your body for curvier look very easily and quickly. If you want a smooth and a flowless skin with white teeth and enlarged eyes Candy Camera has got you covered. Candy Camera indeed has an array of cute and quirky options to make your selfies pop.

B612 Camera


B612 certainly is a vibrant player in the photography game. B612 takes the credit for its diverse range of filters and dynamic effects tailored specifically for selfies. With an emphasis on creativity, the app introduces AR stickers that add a playful and lively touch to your photos. B612 is all about making your selfies unique and full of personality.

B612 Camera Vs Candy Camera

User-Friendly Interface

Candy Camera and B612 both have a simple and an intuitive interface. It makes the user more comfortable in using the apps. Even a beginner can understand and navigate through the app very easily. B612’s smooth design you can have access to plenty of effects and filters very easily.

Filter Variety

When it comes to filter variety I this B612 is taking the credit. The filter department of the B612 shinier than the Candy Camera. B612 provides you with not only a wide array of filters but also dynamic effects that necessarily add feel to your selfies.

Sticker Playfulness

Candy Camera with a focus on cute and quirky stickers has the ability to add a playful element to your selfies. But when it comes to B612 it takes a step further with AR stickers. These vibrant stickers can add a touch of magic and fun to your selfies making them more creative and self-expressive.

B612 has dynamic filters, creative AR stickers, and emphasis on individuality. So, it makes B612 the go-to choose for those seeking a vibrant and personalized selfie journey. While both apps have their merits, B612’s unique features give it the winning edge in the mission for the perfect selfie.

In the end, whether you prefer the sweet simplicity of Candy Camera or the lively creativity of B612, the choice is yours. So, strike a pose, choose your app, and let the selfie adventures begin.