GV Video player App

Finding a media player app with perfect balance between functionality and user experience for TV is a difficult task. However, if you’re an Android TV or Fire TV user, your search might just come to an end with the GV Video Player. This app is designed to provide media playback experience with range of features to enjoy favorite contents.

Features of GV Video player

Playback of High-Quality Videos and Audios

Can play high-quality videos, tailored to match the capabilities of your device. The app supports a variety of audio formats including EAC-3, AC-3, DTS, and TrueHD. What’s truly impressive is that these audio formats work seamlessly without the need for installing custom codecs, eliminating the hassle that often accompanies setting up other video players.

Gestures for Enhanced Control

GV Video Player places control at your fingertips, quite literally. With intuitive gestures, you can adjust volume, brightness, and seek within the media player, enhancing your convenience and engagement. Double tapping allows for swift seeking, while pinch-to-zoom lets you explore content at a custom size, granting you a more personalized viewing experience.

Background Playback and Smart Resuming

The app’s prowess isn’t limited to playback alone. GV Video Player enables background playback with notification controls. This means you can navigate away from the app while your content continues to play, all while having easy access to playback controls via notifications. Moreover, the app is designed to remember your last played position, allowing you to resume playback exactly where you left off. This feature proves to be a time-saving boon, especially for longer videos or series.

Dynamic Viewing Experience

GV Video Player doesn’t just stop at basic playback features; it’s equipped with an array of options that enhance your media consumption. Whether you’re a quality aficionado or a convenience seeker, the app caters to your preferences. From scaling options like fit, stretch, and zoom to theme customization with light and dark modes, GV Video Player adapts to your viewing environment. The support for dynamic color themes on Android 12 and above devices adds an extra layer of visual appeal, creating an immersive experience.

Navigation and Control

Finding and navigating through your media library becomes a breeze with the folders and videos tab. This thoughtful feature ensures a smooth and organized browsing experience. Furthermore, GV Video Player allows you to effortlessly switch between audio and subtitle tracks, catering to multi-language content and accessibility needs.

Install GV Video player on TV

For those who demand even more from their media player, GV Video Player offers advanced features that truly set it apart. Support for network streaming of various video formats, including HLS, MP4, and MKV, widens the scope of content you can access. Additionally, playback speed adjustment, PIP (Picture-In-Picture) support, and the ability to change audio and subtitle tracks on the fly showcase the app’s dedication to providing an all-encompassing media experience.

You can install this app on your TV using play store or Amazon App Store. For devices without those app stores can use Unlinked. Download official GV video player apk and use Unlinked app to install this apk on your TV.